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Paper Products Are Not as Eco-Friendly as We Think

For the longest time, paper products were thought to be the most environmentally friendly products because they seem like they should be. Paper is biodegradable, unlike plastic products. Paper products can be home compostable and recyclable. There seems to be a lot of good environmentally friendly reasons to choose paper, but there is a dark side to paper products.

What is Environmentally Wrong with Paper?

If you are committed to being a friend to the environment and do all the things that you can do to ensure you are making little impact on the environment, including using paper products in your home compostable pile, you may be shocked to learn about why paper products are bad for the environment. According to recent studies, paper production generates about 50 times the amount of water pollution than plastic production does. It also generates about 70 times the amount of air pollution than plastic production does.

These shocking figures have environmental groups up in arms and encouraging environmentally conscious people to make other choices. For example, instead of using paper cups, use reusable cups. Paper bags VS plastic bags are no longer an argument because both have been muscled out by the idea that using reusable bags is the only right solution.

How Can We Do Better?

Unfortunately, the cost of paper product production to the environment far outweighs any of the benefits of using paper products. All the recycling in the world can not reduce all the pollution that is created. There is no reason to feel guilt for all your paper products, just consider these factors moving forward. When you are done using your current supply of paper goods, instead of throwing them out or sending them to the recycling center, add them to your home compostable pile. Make sure you tear them up into small “digestible pieces”. When you head to the store again, just say no to both paper and plastic bags and bring along your own bag.

Now that you know the truth about paper products, you can leave them on the shelf, make sure whatever you have left goes into the home compostable pile, and choose truly earth-friendly products to reduce your impact on the environment. A little knowledge can go a long way in making a difference for the planet. If you are looking for an eco-friendly straw to use in your restaurant, consider our biodegradable option. For more information on our 100% bio-based straws, visit our website today!

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