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Let’s Go Beyond Green And Redefine Plastic!

Let’s Go Beyond Green And
Redefine Plastic!

  • Stronger Than Plastics
  • Non-GMO, Non-PE, Non-EPI
  • Manufactured Sustainably in the USA
  • Chemical Free Bio-Based Formulation
  • No PLA or Micro-Fragments (ex: OXO-Degradable)
  • Proven and Verifiable National & International Certifications
  • Products Are Labeled With Natural, Home Compostable and Chemical Free Inks

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At Pura Vida, we believe that providing reliable resources and information is key to helping our customers make informed decisions when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Our Resources

At Pura-Vida, we believe that providing reliable resources and information is key to helping our customers make informed decisions when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness.


NO PLA, GMO, PE, EPI, or Micro-Fragments (ex: OXO-Degradable).

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Greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or…

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Most people imagine paper straws as the more environmentally friendly…

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Products that are, bio-based, home compostable…

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About Us

Learn all the ways Pura Vida Bioplastics intends to give back to the World

Why Choose Us

Owned and Operated by: Native American – Cherokee Nation

Every Year An Estimated 14 Billion Pounds of Trash, Mostly Plastic, are Dumped into oceans. Our Sustainable Products are Solving the Plastic Paradox issues by Reducing Global Plastic Pollution and ridding the current single-use plastic model. 

  • Meet Growing Millennial Demands & Requirements
  • Differentiate Yourself From the Competition
  • Securing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Alignment to Emerging Legislative Requirements
  • Assuring Compliance Before It Is Too Late
  • Higher Standards With Profitable Price Points
  • Contributing to Saving the Planet

Pura Vida Bioplastics Bulk Purchase Program

So if you're looking for an affordable and sustainable solution for your business or event needs, look no further than the Pura Vida Bulk Purchase Program. Contact us today to learn more and start making a difference for our planet.

    What People Say

    Feature quotes from customers who appreciate the affordability of our bioplastic products.

    I wanted to introduce you to Karrie and Kirt McGhee with Pura Vida Bioplastics. As I was telling you, they...

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    Hospitality Industry Leader

    Wow, your radar is on point. Literally testing them out right now. They work well even with an Oreo shake-...

    ...Read More
    Restaurant Owner

    We are just finishing all of our previous straws. Should be into the Pura straws in the next week or...

    ...Read More
    Food & Beverage Director

    The straws are here and they look great!  They are sturdier than I was expecting, and pleasantly surprised that they...

    ...Read More
    Sales Representative Distributor

    Great product! My daughter loves having them around the house and it’s not another piece of plastic waste. Cool to...

    ...Read More

    We have been working with Pura Vida for close to six months and it has been a great experience. They...

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    Operations & Hospitality Specialist

    Great alternative straws. Almost pass for plastic straws. They work well and do not allow air to get through them...

    ...Read More
    Restaurant Owner

    It's been long overdue, but as a leader in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry, it's exciting for me to...

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    Restaurant Owner

    Shipping is fast and on time. Straws are great quality, good for environment and pricing is reasonable for a non-plastic...

    ...Read More
    Restaurant Owner

    Provided great environmental options to our needs. The clean air green earth concept is very close to the Conrad/Hilton philosophy,...

    ...Read More
    Director of Food and Beverage-Luxury Hotel

    I was looking for a compostable straw that wasn't made of paper and doesn't easily dissolve. The Head of Beverage...

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    Restaurant Coordinator-Luxury Hotel

    We feel that the ethos of the company is in line with our own. We realize the need for straws...

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    Executive Chef -Luxury Hotel & Restaurant
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