February 16, 2023 0

Pura Vida Bioplastics’ standard and jumbo drinking straws are a long overdue solution to plastic waste.

In the United States alone, we use 500,000,000, yes that is right 500 MILLION, straws each and every day. With plastics taking hundreds I not thousands of years and PLA taking close to 100 years or more to break down, imagine the stock pile of straws in this World. Our straws can break down in as little as 30 days in a natural home environment. We STILL must be conscious of this entire cleanup effort and not just frivolously throw these straws out even though they are home compostable.

Pura Vida Bioplastics = Real Certificates USDA BIO-BASED, TUV, BNQ, GREEN AMERICA Home Compostable – Breaks down 3-4 months without Chemicals

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