We feel that the ethos of the company is in line with our own. We realize the need for straws and we do not like the ones that dissolve while you are using them. They are very responsive with our team which is highly important for us. We usually receive orders in a day or two from our order. Orders have always been on time and accurate.

I was looking for a compostable straw that wasn’t made of paper and doesn’t easily dissolve. The Head of Beverage for the Sage Hospitality company let me know about PVB. I reached out and was quickly sent samples. The straws are great, and the entire resort quickly converted. We receive two sizes of straws and turnaround time to California about a week.

Provided great environmental options to our needs.
The clean air green earth concept is very close to the Conrad/Hilton philosophy, and the “Pura Vida” solutions are supporting our green environment contribution and mission.
Great follow through from Mrs. McGhee, listening to our needs and providing ideas that corresponded to our search and needs. Turnaround time- No comments really except that we did not encounter any issues, especially nowadays when sourcing is a major challenge.

Shipping is fast and on time. Straws are great quality, good for environment and pricing is reasonable for a non-plastic straw. Karrie is an email away anytime we need straws. No long delay on any answers for questions we may have. They are also getting equipment for us so we can start having milkshake straws. 2-4 days from the email sent to our back door.

It’s been long overdue, but as a leader in the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry, it’s exciting for me to see a straw product finally exists that does the right thing for the environment and serves the product needs of our industry. I know there has been a lot of options out there, but none of them have been great in the last 5+ years and most are not truly compostable or break down properly. PURA VIDA Bioplastics has succeeded in meeting the expectation, GREAT STUFF!!!

Great alternative straws. Almost pass for plastic straws. They work well and do not allow air to get through them like other alternative straws. We even use them for milkshakes!