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What does Home Compostable mean?

Home composting produces nutrient-rich soil as a result of the breakdown of organic waste such as food scraps, grass clippings, leaves, and tea bags. This occurs over a period of months normally in a backyard compost barrel, or a home compost bin. Home composting will not break down PLA bioplastic products and isn’t suitable for meat, fish, or dairy as the smell can attract vermin.

Home compostable means that materials are able to meet the “compostable” specifications without the need for an industrial composting facility. Under TUV OK Compost HOME certification, the material must
1) biodegrade by 90 percent or more within 365 days
(2) fully disintegrate in a way that makes the materials indistinguishable from the compost soil and
(3) not have measurable ecotoxicity; through backyard compost methods such as worm bins or compost piles.

Home composting for natural food waste like fruits and vegetables, plant debris, and even paper products with minimal ink or chemical processing has some fantastic benefits.

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